Our 2014 trip to Akara was a great experience for the volunteers and the villagers enjoyed having them around. As planned, the volunteers taught English to the children of Akara Primary School, introduced new games to the children, and taught the youth group how to dye T-shirts and enjoyed and participated in many football matches with the locals. We were very lucky to have received scholastic materials for the school and hope this will improve their chances when it’s exam time.

The standards of English still need a lot of polishing but we are glad we started this mission at our chosen school. Part of the Library was painted, floors repaired to allow a designated space for the books till such a time when the project is complete. Books are now easily accessible to the children and a plan is being discussed to allow children from other neighboring schools to use the books as well. The primary seven children helped out with organizing the space while asking a lot of questions about some of the books.
We distributed Soap, Matches and Salt to the elderly and very grateful for the donation. We will continue to support the elderly in all ways we can alongside other projects. The Community day was filled with wonderful moments from the children and the locals. We thank all the authorities who attended to support us and hope this continues. More details about our work can be obtained by contacting us via our postal address or email.
Please take a look at some of the images from our trip this year on our Gallery page. Please continue to support us so that we can build a new path for the children of Akara focusing on Education.